The Kingdom of Peace

Let all the wars in the world come to our playing field



MARTIAL CHESS is an intellectual and combat competition based on combination of classic chess and martial arts’ rules. The completion takes place on a huge chess board with the following dimensions: the field is 53.3’x53.3’, and each square is 80”x80”. Chess figures are presented by martial artists standing on appropriate squares of a classic chess board and bearing attributes of appropriate chess figures. Artists move according to the classic chess moves.

Each team has its Headquarters consisting from the chess player and team couch(es), who determine the moves. The game is monitored by three field referees and a main referee.

White team makes the first move. Headquarters has one minute to decide on a move. If HG can’t decide on a move within one minute, the right to the move goes to the opposite team. After HG announces the move, the appropriate figure has to act on it. If the figure has to move to an unoccupied square, it just moves there. If the square is occupied by the opposite team’s, the figure has to fight to move to that square. The figure has one minute to conquer the opponent by making him fall down or move out from the disputed square. Subsequently, the defendant has to stay on his square for a minute without falling or moving out. Defendant is considered moving out if one of his feet is completely out of the square, while the fall is determined by touching the ground with at least two points of his body (two hands, or two knees, or one hand and one knee, etc. including shoulder and/or buttock). Attacker is not limited to any borderline including the disputed square.

The fall of Attacker doesn’t preclude him from continuing the fight if he stands and continues fighting within one minute.

If Defendant suffers a shock after the hit on the head, referee stops the fight and time and counts to 10. If the defendant can continue the fight, the game goes on. If he can’t continue, the attacker wins the square. If the attacker suffers a shock, referee stops the fight but not the time. If the attacker recovers within same minute, he can continue fighting.

If Attacker wins the fight, he occupies the conquered square, while defendant leaves the game. If Attacker can’t conquer the square, he returns to his previous place and the right to move passes to the opposite team.

The game is considered finished when one of the teams conquers the King’s square. While in classic chess the game ends with a checkmate, the Martial Chess gives the King a chance to move even in a checkmate situation until he is physically removed from the board.